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Elite Fitness is more then just another workout class. We are going to build muscle, increase speed, and improve fitness through functional workouts. Working out is great but if it does not benefit you in everyday life is it really helping keep you healthy? Our goal is crush your fitness goals with a fitness that can apply to all areas of your life through boxing, kick boxing, body weight excercising and more. you don't need to be able to ift weights to be Fit! All walks of life at all different levels of fitness are welcome and will succeed!


Elite Defense is not your dollar store self defense class. Krav Maga is the Elite Self Defense Martial art across the globe and this is why we Carmel, IN deserves it. Krav Maga is an Israeli self defense system that is been tried and tested through out time and is still improving to this day! The International Krav Maga Federation is the best in the business and that is the organization you will be apart of!


EFD: CARMEL is the best in the area. There are plenty of workout programs you can do and all kinds of martial arts you can start. The difference between other programs and EFD is this is a lifestyle. Being able to learn the most effective Self defense system in the world and being able to gain functional fitness is unmatched. It is said that Carmel is the best place to live in Indiana, so why not be a part of the best program in the City?


We are a new program to Carmel, as we grow in numbers we will grow in opportunities to train. 



- 530 PM

-630 PM




We have the privelage to be training under the Fitness Garage roof!

1051 Summit Dr, Carmel, IN 46032


Who is instructing?

Rob Mendenhall is the Instructor behind Elite Fitness and Defense. From an early age Rob had a passion to protect others which lead to the following accomplishments. Rob has been tested and tried in life and has the certifications to back it. Rob served in the United States Marine Corps with 2nd Battalion 9th Marines where he served 3 combat tours to Afghanistan and was able to earn his brown belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. After the Corps Rob took up boxing and began to Travel the United States training Krav Maga with the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF). Rob then began to work security for local bars then moved into private security contracting. Rob is certified through the IKMF as kids instructor and a law enforcement instructor. Rob Travelled to Israel in 2018 to train with all the elite instructors in the world and reach the level of graduate level 3. 

Rob has completed multiple Spartan Race Trifectas, Tough Mudders, marathon, never scored lower then a high first class PFT or CFT in the USMC and other physically demanding challenges. 

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